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Take a long look at saving

Be Energy Efficient and Save on Your Energy Bill

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Setting up your Mvelopes account is even easier

Your Budget vs. Cash Flow

Have You Saved Enough?

Are your expenses consistently higher than your income?

Crazy long car loans and how to avoid them

8 lessons the Olympics taught us about budgeting

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Reducing Financial Conflicts for Couples

Sink Your Teeth Into the Dojo Video Library

Notes and Full Reset Added in Mvelopes mobile 2.3.3

7 Things to Learn from Your Credit Report

Rising Credit Card Debt and 5 Ways to Combat It

7 Ways to Choose a College When Price Matters

Stop Paying Too Much for Taxes

11 Tax Time Tips To Save Money This Year and Next

Mvelopes 2.3.2 Improves Bank Account Connectivity

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The History of Envelope Budgeting

8 Budgeting Tips from Before the Roaring 20s

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Mvelopes web app moves to HTML 5

10 Tips for a Budget-smart Valentine's Day

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How To Advance Through The New Belts

Mvelopes Version 2.3 Announced

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Don’t Blow Your Budget On Christmas Sales

How Do You Spend Your Money?

The importance of assigning every dollar to a purpose

Discover Personal Loans and Finicity Work Together to Help Consumers Eliminate High Interest Debt

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Mvelopes Web App Updates today

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Mvelopes 4.1 - New Updates

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All-New Mvelopes Budgeting Apps for your Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle, and PC!

Should You Rent or Buy? It All Depends - Take a Look

Mvelopes 4.1 - New Updates!

5 MUST USE Financial Calculators

How much money do I need for retirement?

Your Mvelopes Data is Safe!

We’re Bringing The RED Back…And Much More!

Is There Such a Thing as a “No Closing Cost” Loan?

Debt Elimination for Your Personality

Mvelopes 4.1 is here! - Product Update

Save Hundreds a Year On Cleaning Supplies!

Is Grad School Worth the Investment?

How Liquid Are You?

How to find the best credit card for YOU?

Looking for Extra Income? Check Out These Freelance Jobs!

Keep As Much Money As You Can in Your Paycheck!

5 First-time Home Buying Finance Tips

Thinking About Leasing a Car? Some Things to Consider First!

Cutting Cost Can Be Fun!

The Tax Refund Dilemma

Warning: You may be overpaying for your data plans!

Alternative Ways to Get Funding For Your Business, Home, or Education

90-Day Emergency Fund. Yes You Can!

How to Survive College Without Credit Card Debt

Investing Basics: 5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Money

Living on last month’s income: Generating Extra Revenue

Living on last month’s income: Curbing Your Expenses

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Budgeting for Periodic Expenses

Making Technology Work for a Better Budget & More Savings

Budgeting for Periodic Expenses

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5 Apps That'll Put Money Back in Your Pocket

5 Budgeting Tips for First Time Home Buyers

6 Smart Credit Card Rules

Most Common Financial Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

WARNING: Watching too much TV may be hazardous to your finances!

Budgeting for an Emergency

Want Financial Success? Wake up Early!

Kill the Chaos - How to Organize Your Financial Paperwork

The power of envelope budgeting!

Is Money Killing Your Marriage?

Money before Marriage

Want financial success? Write down your goals!

4 Ways to Budget before Buying Your New Home

1 Rule and 2 Solutions for Conquering our Finances

$1000 In Savings for the First Time In Our Marriage!

Planning for healthcare expenses

Mvelopes changed our lives!

Your Fridge and Your Pocketbook are Closely Related!

6 Must-Teach Financial Lessons for Teens

6 Low-Cost Entertainment Ideas

Budgeting for Christmas shopping madness

Is impulse buying destroying your finances?

How Does Your Spending Compare to The Average American?

Get Rich Quick vs Steady Saving

Are you financially ready for retirement?

5 warning signs you’re living beyond your means

Financial help for young adult children - 8 easy steps

Big, Fat Wedding OR Paying Down Debt?

Student loans, credit history and debt repayment strategy

Are you ready to support yourself financially?

Lorie Jo - becoming Debt Free with Money4Life coaching

Waiting for the Second Marshmallow!

From “I DO” to “I DON’T” - Smart money moves for couples

Register export updated to allow for PDF or CSV downloads

KSL News at Noon "What's Appening" features Mvelopes® Mobile

Controlling college expenses...and how to make it more affordable

Common Mistakes with New Year's Resolutions

FatWallet.com features Holiday Spending Tips from Steven Smith

Reader's Digest recommends Mvelopes®

Mvelopes Updates, News, and Announcements - Mobile Bill Pay is Here for Android!

Know any "Over-Spenders"?

Mvelopes Application Updates - 10/2/2012

Planning ahead for Periodic Expenses

The Wall Street Journal chats with Steve Smith about Students and Finances

Kiplinger chooses Mvelopes® as "Best for Over-spenders"

Mvelopes Updates, News, and Announcements - Mobile Bill Pay is Here For iOS!

30% of Americans Not Prepared for a Financial Emergency: Here's How to Start Saving

Yahoo! Finance talks with Finicity™ CEO, Steve Smith

Mvelopes Updates, News, and Announcements! - June

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Mvelopes Updates, News, and Announcements!

Mvelopes Application Updates

Mvelopes Outage 1/4/2012

USA Today highlights free version of Mvelopes®

New Version of Mvelopes Released

Access problems

Next major update to Mvelopes...

Morning Service Disruption

Mvelopes iPhone App update submitted

iOS 5 Login Problems

Major update to the Mvelopes iPhone app now available

About.com takes a look at Mvelopes®

Open Beta Release of Mvelopes Android App

An excellent article about fighting "Budget Burnout"

Android Update

Mvelopes Update

Android App Update

Updated Mvelopes iPhone app now available

Mvelopes iPhone app update

Money for Life Applied Principle #10 – Create a Spending Plan Part II

Update on the Mvelopes app for iPhone

Mvelopes iPhone app now available

Money for Life Applied Principle #10 Part I – Create a Spending Plan

What are your Areas of Hidden Spending?

Beware of the “Miscellaneous” Envelope

3 Financial Resolutions You Can’t Afford Not to Make This Year

9 New Year’s Resolutions

10 Questions to Check your Financial Health for the New Year

Make It Your Own

Money for Life Applied Principle #9 – Learn the Secret of Envelope Budgeting Part V

Money for Life Applied Principle #9 -- Learn the Secret of Envelope Budgeting Part IV

Greenbacks Roasting on an Open Fire

Money for Life Applied Principle #9 – Learn the Secret of Envelope Budgeting Part III

Money for Life Applied Principle #9 – Learn the Secret of Envelope Budgeting Part II

Money for Life Applied Principle #9 – Learn the Secret of Envelope Budgeting

Implementing the Success Cycle. Step 4: Adjust.

Implementing the Success Cycle. Step 3: Compare.

Vacation Survey Winner Announced!

Implementing the Success Cycle. Step 2: Track.

Implementing the Success Cycle. Step 1: Plan.

Applied Principle #8 - Implement the Success Cycle

30-Day Funding

Applied Principle #7 - Spend less than you make

Mvelopes - iPod Touch Results and Winner

Planning ahead for Periodic Expenses

Applied Principle #6 - Take a candid assessment by preparing a Net-Worth Statement

Applied Principles #5 - Be prepared to change your thinking

Getting Help

Applied Principle 4 - Becoming Truly Committed

Applied Principle 3 - Sincere desire is the second step on the path.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Beware the ongoing battle with budgeting

Applied Principle 2 – Awareness Is The First Step On The Path

The New Money Rules for Recent Graduates

Applied Principle 1 - The Financial Path Least Traveled

VIDEO TIP: Traditional Envelope Budgeting

Surprise Expenses

We now have the level of detail in tracking expenses we wanted (real time)!

Mvelopes is my money conscience!

"Mvelopes creates the freedom to use money the way it's supposed to be used!"

The smaller the tax refund, the better

Break the Habit

Help Mvelopes help you--really use it!

Now I Know Why I Never Had Any Money Before--It's The Awareness!

9 New Year’s Resolutions

10 Questions to Check your Financial Health for the New Year

Three Financial Resolutions You Can’t Afford Not to Make This Year

November 2009 Release: Minor Enhancements

Percentage of Credit Accounts 30 Days (or more) Past Due

Tips for living within your envelope balances

"You have to use Mvelopes to really understand its true value."

"Mvelopes has eliminated the financial 'guessing game' for us."

Get creative with your envelope names

What if your expenses are higher than your income?

Handling payments to accounts that don’t aggregate

How much automation is too much?

August 2009 Release: Mortgages & Loans in Debt Center and more!

Getting out of Debt

Planning to be Spontaneous

United States Foreclosure Market (January - June 2009)

What constitutes a financial emergency?

“Mvelopes helps you break free from financial bondage.”

Where does your money go?

Are they ready for the real world? Preparing your college students to handle their own finances is vital to their future success.

Spend With Confidence

"Mvelopes will help you reach your financial goals!"

"Since participating in the coaching program, I have a completely different perspective!"

Creating an effective spending plan with variable income

Month-End Reconciliation

"Mvelopes--Creating Financially Happy Homes!"

"Mvelopes helps me manage my money the way I want to manage it!"

Do not raid your retirement accounts

Reduce Your Debt and Save for Emergencies at the Same Time!

June 2009 Release: New Feature in Beta – Debt Center!

“If you have debt, go on an all-out war to get rid of it!”

"I'm organizing a plan for future financial stability."

“Since completing the coaching program, I’m so much more comfortable using Mvelopes.”

May 2009 Release: Duplicate Filter Adjustments and Systems Improvements

"A big burden (debt) has been lifted off my shoulders."

"With Mvelopes, we know exactly how much money we have, instead of guessing--and guessing wrong!"

"Budget not only for today, but budget for the future."

"Visualize financial freedom!"

"I have taken control of our financial situation, and it feels great!"

"Mvelopes allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive!"

"Put your money where it matters most."

April 2009 Release: Potential Duplicate Filter and Enhancements

"Mvelopes is so simple and easy to use."

"My attitude about money management has really changed!"

"Mvelopes is the best budgeting tool you could ever use!"

"Mvelopes makes the impossible possible."

"We now have total financial peace."

"Mvelopes is the future!"

"Mvelopes is a new twist on the old-fashioned way of budgeting."

"We no longer charge our 'wants' to credit cards."

"Use Mvelopes--save time, save money, save your family."

"Using Mvelopes helps relieve guilt."

"Figure out what's important to you, and make it happen."

“Using Mvelopes will change you--for good!”

"Mvelopes helps you take control of your finances!"

"Budgeting with Mvelopes brings peace of mind."

"We love this program (Mvelopes)!"

"Mvelopes has helped relieve the stress of handling my finances."

"Mvelopes is a life saver!"

"Mvelopes has given me freedom."

March 2009 Release: Mobile Screen Size Preference and Performance Enhancements

"Knowing that money is there when we need it--that's fantastic!"

"There’s no more guessing about where we’re spending our money."

We've met and exceeded our goals, without stress!

I no longer put off doing my budget

February 2009 Release: Envelope Sweep and Performance Enhancements

Win a $500.00 stimulus check from Mvelopes

Losing Control

"Mvelopes has kept us from getting into debt!"

Cutting Costs

"When you budget for 'fun spending,' there is no guilt in spending it!"

"I am no longer losing sleep worrying about my finances!"

Overspending: At The Root of Most Financial Problems

“We Have No Money”

Our new motto is "Nothing new--make do."

Partial Reset and Resolved Issues

"Can't imagine life without it (Mvelopes Money Management)!"

Investment Tip – Stay Away From the Grocery Store

"Mvelopes has dramatically changed our financial outlook"

"I Love Mvelopes!" Money Management System

My Daddy Uses Mvelopes!

Give Deadbeats Credit …

Many Reasons to Celebrate, Using Envelopes Budgeting!

"Ecstatic" Mvelopes Money Management Software User Since January 2007

The Envelope Approach to Money Management

Didn't Track Your Deductions This Year?



Get on the Program to Financial Fitness


Mvelopes ® Personal 2.0 Web Edition Just Released

Debt For Life?

Debt for Life?

Money for Life Consumer Survey

Money for Life Consumer Survey

Flex Your Financial Muscles

Finicity Corporation Releases Mvelopes Personal 1.6